Sky Meadow Retreat is built on an original 125-acre homestead in Vermont’s rugged and remote Northeast Kingdom. It was settled around 1850 and served as a family farm and homestead for 100 years. The magnificent Retreat Barn was then used as a dairy barn, an operation supported by the nearby railroad then in service.  

But the railroad diverted its course, and the farm fell into disrepair. When Miles Sherts purchased the property in 1988, the buildings were dilapidated and the land neglected. The majesty of the property was still apparent, however, and would provide a secluded and tranquil setting for the eco-village community, retreat center, and self-sufficient farm that was to come. Over the next 30 years, the vision was realized of an oasis for healing and transformation, grounded in responsible earth stewardship, modeling a world where people are connected to nature and each other with honesty, integrity, and celebration.

Under Miles’s leadership at Sky Meadow, the historic century-old dairy barn was beautifully renovated to create a private setting for retreats and workshops, with spacious overnight accommodations, large open meeting space, sitting area, dining area, and kitchen facility. Numerous smaller out buildings were also built with the same attention to detail and priority for minimal environmental impact. Large vegetable gardens were also created to provide a year-round supply of food for the residents and guests, and many trees and shrubs were planted to provide perennial fruit and nut crops long into the future. Ornamental gardens were established to provide flowers for beauty; trails were constructed to allow access to the 100 acres of surrounding forest; and five deep ponds were dug to provide swimming, wildlife habitat, and proximity to the healing power of water.

But time marches on, and change and transformation bring their cycle of seasons. In 2021, one magical era ended and another began, as Miles handed over ownership and management of Sky Meadow to the current team (see Our Staff). Now a part of this deep and rich history, we hope to maintain the integrity and beauty Miles helped to establish over the course of his 33 years here, while also exploring new ways that Sky Meadow can help heal, nourish, teach, and grow its guests. We look forward to seeing what wonders await us in this new chapter.

Come be a part of the future we’re building together and explore, with us, what comes next!