Covid-19 Policy

At Sky Meadow Retreat, we strive to make all our guests feel welcome, safe, and completely at home during their stay.


Our staff promises to treat our guests with respect and to conduct ourselves in a professional capacity at all times. We ask that our guests similarly treat each other, as well as the caretakers/staff, with courtesy and respect.

It is our policy at Sky Meadow to never discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or the personal medical decisions of our guests.


We believe personal medical decisions begin and end with each individual and/or between each person and their doctor or medical caregiver. We make no corporate mandates or requirements with respect to Covid-19, and trust our guests to act responsibly with respect to their own bodily/medical choices. Sky Meadow will not ask for masks to be worn, vaccination cards to be presented, or demand any personal medical information be exposed. 

Groups/retreat leaders may decide, at their discretion, to implement certain requirements or standards, but Sky Meadow has no specific requirements or mandates which you or your group need to follow outside of your own detmermined policies or requirements.

Reservation Policy:

  • If your stay is cancelled due to a federal or state cancellation of our facility, you will be entitled to a FULL REFUND of your deposit.
  • Per our standard booking agreement, if you need to cancel your event/retreat due to multiple guest cancellation(s)–due to Covid-19, or for any other reason–the deposit will be held and applied to any future date that is available and agreed-to by both parties.