We can’t wait to welcome you to Sky Meadow! As you prepare for your visit, here are answers to some common questions we receive. If you don’t see what you need here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help make your visit an amazing experience from start to finish.

Yes! The alpacas are friendly, if a little skittish. Cinnamon is brown, and so is her son, Nutmeg; Mary-Mac is the black one. Nutmeg can be a bit defensive of them both. Be gentle and slow, and they will let you get close and even pet them. The sheep are a little more solitary, and the rooster a bit territorial, but everyone’s fairly friendly. Please don’t feed any of the animals, though, unless it’s organic veggies from our garden.

Yes, all the ponds are available for swimming and sunbathing. We have no lifeguards on duty, though, so swim at your own risk and use your own discernment. All ponds are naturally fed by rainwater and remain remarkably clear and clean.

In some cases, though they are not necessarily encouraged. Dogs, specifically, can be an issue, as most domestic dogs are not used to free-range animals and can cause some very serious problems (even the super nice dogs!). In at least two instances, dogs on the property resulted in the deaths of some of our animals, so we are very careful about what pets we allow on property. If you would like to have a dog on the property, or any other large animal, please call ahead to see if this will be possible.

Yes, though they can be a little hard to follow at times. Some of the markers may be missing. You’re welcome to go for a jaunt and explore, though use your best discernment about your orienteering skills. We’d hate to have to send out a search party!

This depends on the nature of your event. Catered retreats have lunch and dinner provided by our in-house chef, Justine. Otherwise, catering for events will need to be arranged with a third-party vendor. For non-catered retreats, retreat leaders are responsible for all food-related issues. Vegetables from our organic garden may be available for purchase upon request.

Some retreat-related materials include:

  • yoga mats (x15)
  • yoga bolsters (x9)
  • meditation benches (x6)
  • floor chairs (x17)


We also have numerous cushions and blankets, as well as an assortment of musical instruments (bongo, tambourines, etc.).

There is a small PA system in the Retreat Barn. At present, however, we do not have a projector or related presentation equipment.

While we encourage guests, especially those on retreat, to get the most out their stay by focusing on what’s at hand and enjoying all the scenic wonders on site, for those interested in a day drip away, here are some notable nearby destinations:


Perennial Pleasures Nursery 

12 minutes away, down Route 16, is this charming nursery and English tea garden. Go peruse the lush landscaping, then sit for a spot of tea with biscuits and clotted cream. A true delight.


Bread and Puppet Theater 

20 minutes down Route 16 is the famed troupe of radical puppeteers. A gem of Vermont, come check out their revolutionary summer circuses, or explore their barn museum.


Hill Farmstead Brewery 

15 minutes down Route 16 is this world-class brewery, renowned for their amazing craft beers. Go for a tasting, and sit out on their wrap-around porch overlooking the Green Mountains.