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    The spiritual awakening I am describing here is not an accomplishment, nor does it require any learning or the perfection of any skill.  

    It is not something we work towards, get better at, and finally master. 

      It does not involve adding anything, embellishing ourselves, or becoming any different than we are now. 

    There are no levels to it and no measures of our progress toward it. 

    It is completely unlike any other endeavor we are likely to undertake, as it does not involve creating something new. 

    It involves merely cultivating our capacity to see directly with our awareness what has always been there.  

    This at once makes a spiritual path extremely simple and extremely difficult. 

    - Beyond Perception





From Meditation retreat participants:

Excellent instruction and support - excellent food - wonderful silence - total comfort and clarity.
The teaching was refreshingly free of Buddhist jargon.  I cherish the traditional language and concepts, but found their absence truly revolutionary.  This is the most supportive and lovely meditation environment I have encountered.  I hope other meditation teachers follow your example.

The teachings were a perfect blend of Buddhist ideas presented in a practical, easily understood manner

From Meghan Mulvenna
Founder, Special Travelers LLC

I have been honored to call Miles my spiritual teacher for over six years, since I attended my first Insight Meditation Retreat at Sky Meadow.  It was my first experience in meditation and his gentle, simple guidance to breathe and notice the uniqueness of what comes from being still changed my life by the end of the three days.  Through his inspirational talks and personal interviews, I was able to recognize the invaluable gifts of letting go and being in the present moment.  I continued to attend retreats at Sky Meadow, but what became more precious to me was the on-going mentoring that Miles provided me for using this practice in everyday life.  

My intention for a meditation practice was not only a formal daily sitting; I wanted it to support me in becoming a more peaceful and authentic person in the world.  Miles has continuously supported me on my spiritual journey by openly hearing my life experiences and offering straightforward explanations as to how they all relate to the practice and how I can use them for growth, development, and compassion for the world.  Knowing Miles as a teacher has been a priceless gift in my life that keeps on giving.

From Eric Baribeau
Manager of Campus Support Department at the Omega Institute

Miles held a two hour insight meditation workshop for Omega staff in May 2008.  At the end of the session, as we each had a chance to share about our experiences, one of the staff was having a strong reaction.  He had just arrived at Omega and was obviously going through profound changes in his life.  He burst out in tears, and seemed uncomfortable as he was trying to hold back.  I was deeply touched by the way Miles opened up a safe and secure space for him to let out what he was experiencing.  He guided the participant who was in distress to accept the transformation he was going through. 

   Miles helped us realize that he was growing instead of simply falling apart.  I appreciated the guidance and assistance Miles offered to him and to the group in such an intense moment.  It was a teaching in itself to witness how Miles handled the situation in such a nurturing way.  Miles has an ability to effectively contain deep personal transformation and help us go to the places within, were we are afraid to go. 

From Miv London, Ph.D.
Coordinator, UVM Mindfulness Practice Center

Miles has been generously offering all-day retreats at UVM every semester for the past 5 years.  His retreats always fill up quickly with students, and other community members.  Miles brings a sense of gentleness and grace to his meditation instruction that is supportive of beginning and experienced meditators alike.  

Many students who come to the all-day retreat have little or no meditation experience, and are intimidated by the idea of spending an entire day in silence.  Miles has a gift of making students and new meditators comfortable in the retreat situation, and easing them into a space of silent presence.  He likes to tell of his own first experience  of meditation when he was struggling during his college years – his story is clearly evidenced in his compassion and empathy for students who attend his retreats.  Post-retreat evaluations have been glowingly positive.  Most participants end the day feeling a sense of gratitude, accomplishment, and commitment to incorporating mindfulness into their lives.