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    In the span of one generation
    all the rules for being in a couple have changed,
    and we find ourselves in the precarious position
    of having few guidelines
    for navigating the most challenging of all our relationships.

    We begin relationships today with an expectation of a partnership of equals, yet as soon as we encounter conflict, we fall back into familiar patterns based on the rules we have rejected. Then we begin to feel suffocated and rebel against the tyranny of these traditional rules. The result can be tumultuous relationships that crash back and forth between the new ideals and the old familiar ways, and often end with one or both people deciding that the problem is the other person.


    We need a new story now
    about forming a primary intimate relationship that offers us a clear map of the territory and gives us the means to navigate it.

    Today, we might define a healthy relationship as one in which both people are included and get their basic needs met.

    - Conscious Communication

Private sessions for Couples

3 hour sessions at Sky Meadow Retreat in Vermont - $250

You will learn and practice together how to:

• express feelings and needs without blame
• hear your partner without judgment
• make decisions together that include both of your needs
• establish healthy boundaries
• care for yourself, while caring about your partner
• increase intimacy while maintaining independence

The focus of this work is on how you communicate with each other when emotions are charged, one of you has a need, or you have to make a decision together.  Instead of dwelling on your individual stories or focusing on the past, you will learn to express what you are feeling and needing now in an honest way that does not blame your partner. And you will learn to listen to your partner with empathy while allowing them to be responsible for their own feelings and needs.

Sessions are facilitated by Miles here at Sky Meadow in Northeast Vermont. You can schedule a session as part of a private couples retreat or by itself. Miles is available weekdays and occasional weekends for sessions from 9-12 or 2-5.
802-533-2505 -

Once you have met with Miles in person, you can set up future private sessions from your home using Skype for $85/hour

Miles Sherts is a professional mediator who has worked with families and couples since 1990. He spent ten years working as a divorce mediator in private practice in coordination with the Vermont Family Court, and then decided to use his experience to help couples stay together instead of split apart. His goal is to help couples become aware of repeating patterns that damage trust and increase distance, and teach basic skills that can interrupt these patterns and create an opening for change.

Click here for a short
Video Introduction to
Conscious Communication Skills - by Miles