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  • We may think we cannot be ourselves and maintain close relationships with other people. Yet this is not so;
    we simply have not yet learned how.

    Conscious Communication is about learning how to be true to ourselves, and connect deeply with other people at the same time.

    - Conscious Communication

    Traveling in New Territory, Without a Map

    The old model of primary relationship suggested a static condition where change was considered threatening, and security and stability were achieved through obedience and conformity. The father went to work, the mother took care of the home and children, and the emphasis was on fitting in and playing your role. This often meant sacrificing individuality for the sake of harmony.
    These traditional forms of marriage emphasized a specific outward appearance and offered a common format for everyone to follow. The individual people within a couple were encouraged to give up personal growth in exchange for a sense of security and stability. Yet this approach was bound to fail, as we are seeing now, because the human soul has an undeniable urge for its own independence and completion.

    A static situation, however comfortable,
    is ultimately deadening
    to a living human being.

    Something is happening in our society today that is allowing us to move beyond our fear of growth. Enough of us have been willing to step away from the old form and take a risk that change would be for the better. However, now we seem to be caught in this chaotic place where there are no rules or formulas to follow, and many of us feel lost and confused. We are like young lambs who spent our first months of life in a secure pen and have just found our way out to the open pasture. We feel the excitement of freedom and the fear of vulnerability, at the same time.

    Conscious Communication

Private Couples Retreat

Time to unwind and be alone together at a beautiful secluded nature retreat in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Support for becoming allies, instead of adversaries -
Anyone in a committed relationship today knows how difficult it can be to live together and communicate around difficult issues. A private retreat for you and your partner offers a chance to step back from the pressures of your daily life, unwind, and learn some basic skills for dealing with challenging times. This is an investment in your relationship and perhaps the most valuable way that you can spend time together.

You will learn how to:
• express feelings and needs without blame
• hear your partner without judgment
• make decisions together that include both of your needs
• establish healthy boundaries
• care for yourself, while caring about your partner
• increase intimacy while maintaining independence

You will have a private suite in our beautiful retreat center faculity surrounded by 120- acres of nature. The setting is quiet and the scenery spectacular. There are trails, ponds, fields, gardens, cabins, and a hilltop for you to explore in your free time. And you can enjoy bountiful healthy fresh organic vegetarian home cooked meals, with vegetables and fruit from our own gardens.

The focus of this work is on how you communicate with each other when emotions are charged, one of you has a need, or you have to make a decision together.  Instead of dwelling on your individual stories or focusing on the past, you will learn to express what you are feeling and needing now in an honest way that does not blame your partner. And you will learn to listen to your partner with empathy while allowing them to be responsible for their own feelings and needs.

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Weekend workshops
in Conscious Communication for Couples

are also available