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  • The old formulas for relationships are failing because they do not allow for each of us to be our own person. And our new emphasis on personal growth and individual freedom has left us without a good way to connect with each other.

    We think we cannot be ourselves and maintain close relationships with other people. However, this is not so;
    we simply have not yet learned how.

    Codependency occurs when you sacrifice your need for independence in order to be accepted by another person.

    Conscious Communication is about learning how to be true to ourselves and connect deeply with other people at the same time.

    - Conscious Communication


Conscious Communication Workshops

     Weekend workshops in speaking and listening from the heart
                               at  a beautiful Vermont retreat

You will learn and practice:
• Listening without judgment
• Voicing strong feelings without blame or attack
• Establishing healthy boundaries that enable mutual respect
• How to care for yourself and care about another person

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Conscious Communication presents a new way of approaching relationships that shows you how to care about other people, while also taking care of yourself.    In this workshop we will explore together the roots of our most common communication habits and learn to evaluate how well these are working.  Experiential exercises will help change the way you think about your relationships. From this new perspective you will learn how to communicate your ideas, feelings, and needs effectively and honestly without attacking or blaming others, and listen to others without judgment or evaluation.

While you will be encouraged to practice the skills in role plays using real scenarios from your life, you will not be pressured to reveal more than you are comfortable with. For everyone's safety, all sessions will be held in confidentiality and we will not delve too deeply into personal issues.

Miles Sherts will be teaching this workshop.  He  is a professional mediator and has studied communication skills since 1980 and taught in college classrooms and private trainings since 1990. His teaching emphasizes simple tools that can be put to immediate use in daily relationships.  He explains and demonstrates each skill and offers experiential exercises for people to practice the skill with direct guidance and support within the workshop.

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